Editing Services

Copy Editing

Copyediting is the heavy lifting of the editing process. This is where the editor checks for clarity of writing, language consistency (such as ensuring all numbers and technical terms are consistently used) and ensuring consistency of spelling, capitalisation, font usage, numerals, hyphenation.

Developmental Editing

This kind of editing helps the cohesiveness of your writing. It concentrates on questions such as: Have I rounded out my concept well? Is the plot flowing naturally? Are my characters appropriate for the story?

Structural Editing

Structural editing is sometimes known as substantive or developmental editing. This process focuses on the content of the project, to ensure that ideas or stories flow together naturally and logically. In fiction, this looks at plot, characterisations, dialogue, pace, and flow. In non-fiction, this takes into account tone, pace, and organisation of ideas.

Document Formatting

Document formatting includes applications of styles, font formatting, margins, page breaks, table alignment, and auto text fields such as tables of contents. This can be done in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat DC.

Proof Reading

Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process. It is done when all the content and consistency issues have been addressed and fixed, and is used to pick up final errors in the manuscript before final-copy publication. It may also include checking layout and graphic elements such as colours and paragraphs.

Easy Read English Documents

Easy Read English is a style of writing that provides understandable and concise information for people with low English literacy, e.g. people with intellectual disabilities or people with non-English speaking backgrounds. The style follows specific grammatical and formatting rules and includes images to support key messages, making sometimes complex documents easier to understand. 

Disability Consumer Advocacy

I can help individuals with game plans to develop documentation prior to planning meetings, or I can help organisations to explore how their business may interact with the NDIS and its participants.

Why Work With Me?

See for yourself why others have worked with me in the past!

Inclusive Yoga with Sharmaine-Cherie

Working with Bridgett on my marketing pamphlets and brochures has been a refreshing experience. Not only did I reach the results that I was after, but she was also able to exceed and enhance my initial ideas. Bridgett’s expert use of language and publishing skills really took my initial plan to a whole new level of expertise and definitely surpassed what I could have done on my own. I plan to come back to her again and thoroughly recommend her services!

Simone Stewart

Bridgett was recommended to me by a friend and I could not be happier that I chose her as the proofreader/editor for my Honours thesis. Not only was Bridgett extremely professional throughout the entire process, her ability to pick up errors that I had overlooked and extremely clear and concise change suggestions contributed to my receiving first class Honours. I have quite confidently already started recommending her to other students and will continue to do so.

Helen Edwards

Bridgett was a wonderful person to work with for my recent book project. Fast, efficient, and easy to understand. She was able to grasp all of the usual editing requirements, including format, layout, and even made suggestions about some of the ideas presented within the text. She gave me an easy to work with edited document, and her communication to check in with me during the editing period was wonderful. I will most definitely use her again for my next book!

Kristian J Michael

I worked with Bridgett on my fiction novel, The Harvester, and she impressed me with her editing expertise. Bridgett line-edited my writing and also offered valuable suggestions for content editing which improved my story and ensured it was of publishable standard. Best of all, Bridgett’s editing allowed my ‘author voice’ to shine through – she just polished and improved it! I am looking forward to working with Bridgett on my next novel, An Abnormal Woman.

Jody Holdback

Being blind, formatting is a difficult task to get right. I was excited when Bridgett created my resume to reflect my personality, while still being able to maintain a professional presentation. Every time I need an update, she talks it through with me and it is always completed to perfection so it’s easy for me to navigate and read with my screen reader. I can trust in her work and it always brings me positive results.

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